I am standing under a cloudless sky, with nothing to give me shade near by, the sun makes me feel hot though I’m just standing still and my hat creates a band of sweat on my brow, but the surrounding landscape makes me forget my discomfort. Behind me a foliage clad cliff wall and in front of me a series of strange rock formations with the enchantingly blue – almost turquoise –  sea in the background. Somewhere closer to the sea, hidden from view by the jumble of odd rocks is a painted red line: when someone sets even one foot over it a whistle blows somewhere. The reason being, they say, is the danger even though the ground beyond the line is nice and flat for several meters. Even this wild, almost surreal landscape has been fenced in, fixed up and civilized to harness the power of tourism. And there is a lot of them, every time I try to take a picture there is someone crowding the shot, whenever I step on to a walkway it is crowded. It is a shame that it has to be like this, such a strange, alien place is best kept untamed.