I am currently on a business trip to Ireland. Since it is weekend I had some time off from work. Me and my colleague Kevin used this opportunity to take our rental car and go out explore Ireland.

I actually had to do a little bit of work on Saturday morning, so there was not really enough time to leave the city. Instead we drove to down town Dublin, parked the car near Trinity College and spent the afternoon walking around the city center.

We started with the college itself, and the very impressive library. The main room is long, with two story vaulted alcoves along the sides, each alcove containing high shelves full of old leatherbound books.

We then passed by Dublin castle on the way to St Patrick’s cathedral and the cathedral park. The cathedral and many other churches in Dublin are made in the same style, built from a kind of grey stone. It’s a bit boring that they are all so similar, but the look is very imposing at the same time.

Dublin castle

On the way back from the cathedral, we passed through St Stephens Green, a grand park with little ponds, lots of flowers and plenty of paths for walking. We had a good dinner at a small Italian place near the college, then ended the day with a stroll in the temple bar area. Since we had the car we didn’t go into any of the bars.

Stephens Green pond
St Stephens Green
reflection in the pond