Today I woke up bright and early, and after a hearty breakfast, headed out in the slopes.

I spent the morning exploring different parts of the system than yesterday, and found plenty of untouched powder just a short distance from the main track. The weather was good, only light clouds scudding across the sky and I had plenty of fun.

Just before lunch I stopped off at the local igloo village. The igloo was not quite as impressive as the ice hotel in Jokkmokk but still pretty good. I also checked out the nearby snow mobile park, but it was too expensive to have a go.

After lunch I went to the nearby snow toys park and had a few good runs in a rubber tube. After that I headed up to the top of the mountain, and nearly froze to death in the ice storm (or so it seemed to me) up there. I headed back down again, but found that the weather had changed in the entire system.

The rest of the day was less fun than before due to the colder weather and fogy conditions but I kept at it, getting a good run here and there. With only a few days of skiing each year, I guess you become more determined to keep going despite bad weather.

Except for the weather this afternoon and the high prices in Switzerland, I have had a really nice little vacation. Now it’s over, tomorrow it’s back to work on the machine.

Just a cool landscape shot to end the post