For a while now, me and my girlfriend have been planning a small adventure and today, having landed in Taiwan just yesterday, we finally got on the way. The plan is simple: drive my scooter from the south of the island, north along the east coast and stop along the way at interesting places; a kind of random sightseeing.

My girlfriend sent the scooter south by train a few days ago so we wouldn’t have to ride all the way and today we picked it up and started riding. Unfortunately we couldn’t send it as far as we wanted so we’ve spent the day driving south along the west coast which, although nice, is not as beautiful as we hope the east will be. Since it’s my first day on a scooter in a while I’m really happy to be driving again; Yini seems to like it too.

We will sleep in a town called Dong Gang tonight and tomorrow we set off across the mountainous southern tip of the island and hope to hit the coastal road some time in the evening.