Today has been a much better day than yesterday, I’m back to my normal happy self. We started by some shooting…or rather I did the shooting while Yini acted as a photographer. I got to shoot a revolver, a 9mm pistol and a tactical shotgun. It was loud, forceful and fun, much more so than what shooting we did in the military. The shotgun especially was an experience since I was shooting from the hip, the kick of the thing was so strong I actually got a bruise on the side from it.

Firing a revolver…

…a Glock with a laser sight…

…and finally a tactical shotgun

Walking away with a happy smile on my face, we went to the waterfront near the ferry terminal for a look around. After just a few minutes we came upon a great big structure covered in graffiti which turned out to be the now closed Linna Hall.
From there we moved along the coast until we find on of the coolest places I’ve seen in a long time: an old prison, the inside of which looks like it has been take straightly out of some horror film. It’s dark and dreary, paint peeling in big flakes from the walls, and the whole place is damp and smells old. Much of the furniture and other equipment is still in place, as if the prisoners and staff just up and left without taking anything with them. In the few years since it closed down – amazingly it stayed open until 2005 – some looting seems to have taken place. Windows are smashed and there is trash in some of the rooms but other than that is all the same. The place is definitely worth a visit.

Pictures from Linna Hall and the Soviet prison

We continued along the coast from the prison reaching a second harbor where there was a marine exhibition, mostly about military style craft. Just too bad it seemed incomplete and lacked information. All of these places were part of the so-called culture kilometer but we figured that the rest of the kilometer would more than likely be forgettable since we had already seen all the places specifically pointed out on the map. So, we turned around and went for a second walk through old town, this time along a stretch of the old city wall, and this time I was able to appreciate it.

Some photos from the old city wall

The only downside of the day is that i discovered that my cameras battery is dying and I have no charger with me. Oh well, I have a photo crazy girlfriend so there should be no lack of pictures if I can just get a hold of them.