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Coastal road

The North East coast ride

Whenever I’ve been out at the north-east coast of Taiwan, I’ve thought that the road along the coast is really nice for riding a motorbike. However, the times I’ve been there have always coincided with the time that plenty of… Continue Reading →

The Long Dong scramble

In my last post I wrote about going swimming at Long Dong. I mentioned that people also go there for climbing, and since I like climbing I’ve been thinking of going back there for a while. This month, the authorities… Continue Reading →

Coastal road, remote fjord, 3:40 pm

We’re on a gravel road, the car vibrates and bounces on the uneven surface, small rocks ping off the underside of the body at a steady rate and we stir up a big cloud of dust behind us. To the… Continue Reading →

Hualien coastal road 1:15 pm

The road curves about like an asphalt snake and I have to adjust the throttle carefully to flow smoothly through the bends. My clothes flutter in the ¬†wind and the sun glares in the scratched surface of the visor on… Continue Reading →

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