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Sakura and Shopping in Tokyo

Most people who like traveling know about visa runs, taking a short trip out of the country so as to receive a new entry stamp when coming back. I have a residence permit in Taiwan so I don’t need to… Continue Reading →

Korea trip day 6 & 7, back to Seoul

The last day in Busan, we had one final thing we wanted to do before heading back.  For few days now we had  passed the Busan Aquarium several times, so we decided to check it out. I’ve been to a… Continue Reading →

Korea trip day 1 & 2, the first days in Seoul

Me and Yini have gone on a short trip to Korea. We landed in Seoul on Saturday night, found our hotel, then went out to explore. The city was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night but we did find a… Continue Reading →

Ullared ~1 pm to ~ 3 pm

DEODORANT! Piles of deodorant, the staff havent even bothered to put them on shelves. All around are all kinds of cosmetics in all colours, types and sizes. A few steps away are rugged outdoor clothes, winter jackets and rain pants… Continue Reading →

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