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The Big Indochina Trip: back in Bangkok 

There were a few things in Bangkok I still wanted to see, so after my little excursion to Pattaya I headed back to the capital. After leaving Siem Reap, Renegade Wife and I have been traveling separately but it so happened that we were both in Bangkok for Christmas, so we could spend Christmas eve and part of Christmas day together (she had to go to the airport in the evening). It’s been a long time since I had a proper Christmas celebration with the family  and I’m fine with treating it as just a normal day but it’s still very … Read the rest

Haggen 7:36 pm

The lake is a mirror painted in a bright sky blue with clouds of silver, turning to a dark green where it meets the billowing line of lush forest on the other side. The  high summer heat is lingering longer than expected and the sun shines hotly on me and my parents. We sit here on the jetty eating Blinij with caviar. Quite possibly my favorite food in the entire world, and eating them right here together with my family is possibly the best way. I glance out over the semi finished sundeck me and my father have been working … Read the rest

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