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The Big Indochina Trip: caving in Phong Nha 

Phong Nha national park is home to the largest cave in the world, Hang Son Doong. It would be extremely cool to go there but it takes seven days and costs 3000 USD per person which is just not feasible for me right now. There are plenty of other caves in the area however, and I visited two of them.

The Dark Cave is set up as an adventure, they kit you out with a life jacket, a hard hat with a light on it, and a climbing harness then send you off with a guide. The trip starts with … Read the rest

Dark cave mud pool, 12:55 pm 

We are in a small, waist deep pool far inside the the dark cave. The water is completely saturated with mud, sort of like a thick soup, and it changes the density so that we all become more buoyant. Floating on your back with your feet in the air is effortless; so is floating on your stomach, hands and feet out of the water, it almost feels like you are flying. This experience is so special I don’t think my words do it justice.… Read the rest

Dark cave side passage, 12:34 pm

We are in a crevice branching off from the main cave. It keeps getting narrower as we walk and we wind our way past stalagtites, stepping over rocks and through mud. The sense of adventure is almost tangible…… Read the rest

Dark cave, 12:25 pm

The water is cold, I wouldn’t go swimming in it if it wasn’t for the promise of adventure up ahead. I look behind me and all I see is a line of lights, eight of them twinkling like stars in the darkness,  streaks of silver lashing the surface of the jet black water. In front of me I can just make out the walls of the cave but straight ahead nothing, just a darkness so compact my light cannot penetrate it.… Read the rest

Dark cave entrance, 12:10 pm

We have left the jungle’s slow moving brown river behind us and are entering the cave. In front of me, a pillar of rock that looks like petrified silt rises up out of the cave floor. On top of it is a stone formation that almost looks like a statue of a naked lady, all green with algae. Above, the vaulted roof of the cave is covered in lime stone formations hanging down like curtains. Behind, the jagged mouth of the cave is silhouetted against blue sky.… Read the rest

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