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The road out of Vietnam , 6:23 am

I wake up from my half slumber and look out the window as we trundle along. All around are mountain peaks rising up out of a sea of clouds, their silhouettes against the pale sky. In the middle, the orange glow of the rising sun, the rays spreading out over the clouds. What a sight to wake up to.… Read the rest

Tram Ton pass, 9:00 am

I’ve been riding through the mist and drizzle all day and then, just as I reach the highest point of the pass, I spot a patch of blue sky up above. Moments later, the whole sky opens up and I can see for miles, the mountains rising into the mists on all sides, the slopes down towards the valley below clad in verdant green against the clear blue sky. In the middle of this stunning vista is a sea of clouds, pristine white foam lapping the mountain sides… What a view.… Read the rest

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