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Wenhai Road, 8:16 pm

Despite the south Taiwan heat I'm fully covered: thick jacket, gloves, full face motorcycle helmet and two towels wrapped around my neck to cover all the gaps. I'm sweating like a pig but I can't take any of it off, the protection is necessary for what is about to happen. I stand in a crowd of people and in front of me is the rack absolutely full of fireworks, ready to be set off any minute now. My sense of anticipation is palpable as I watch intently while the final preparations are made...

Bolevan platue, 11:58 am

We’re in the jungle now: the track, if you can even call it that, slopes steeply downwards over roots and moss clad boulders. Except for the track there’s trees and plants all around, you can only see a few meters in front of you. Despite not having rained for several days, everything is damp, the track muddy and the rocks and trees are slippery. All around is the sound of insects and in the distance the rush of a waterfall. I have a nylon strap harness strapped to my legs and shoulders, two safety cords and a zip line pulley … Read the rest

VM8:an Åre, 11:06 am

I’m right smack dab in the middle of the biggest lift queue I have ever seen. There are people all around me jostling for space; a massive onslaught of snowboards, ski poles, boots and helmets. The late april sun blazes overhead, slowly boiling the people in the queue. I’m hot, there is no space for my right foot and I’m being pushed and shoved from all sides. It is  uncomfortable in oh so many ways, and yet I bear with it for on the other side awaits one of life’s most worthwhile indulgences.… Read the rest

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